EV-55 Outback

New Generation Utility Turboprop.

EV-55 Outback

High Operation Productivity.

EV-55 Outback

STOL Capabilities,
Operation at Hot & High Conditions.


New generation twin turboprop aircraft with high productivity, outstanding operation versatility, low operation costs and ready to replace any utility piston aircraft. The EV-55 Outback is bringing more reliable and powerful solution to single engine utility turboprop aircraft.

High productivity & versatility, low operation costs and twin engine reliability

The EV-55 Outback has been designed for utility aircraft operators which are looking for:

  • Modern aerodynamic design reflecting the latest trends in General Aviation
  • Robust all metal airframe with composite materials used in non-structural parts of construction
  • Twin turboprop engine reliability and safety
  • High speed for high operation productivity
  • Spacious cabin for maximum comfort of passengers with fast change of configuration from 9 pax interior to combi or cargo version
  • Outstanding operation versatility; STOL characteristics, operation from unpaved airfields and also at hot & high conditions

See EV-55 Outback website for airplane information.