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Service support

Evektor has over 45 years of experience in product support, servicing a fleet of 1 300+ aircraft in more than 50 countries worldwide, providing customer support to flight schools, aeroclubs and private individuals.

By purchasing an Evektor-Aerotechnik aircraft you´re not only getting an aircraft of particularly high value, but also the benefits of professional product support.

List of bulletins

Č. bull. Datum Popis bulletinu
EV97-034a SR 26. 7. 2016 The manufacturer of ROTAX engines orders exchange of carburetors floats on engines.
EV97-033a 23. 11. 2015 The installation of mechanical catch against the opening of the canopy.
EV97-032a SR 8. 6. 2015 Defective production lot of Semperit FUB 386 DN6 fuel hoses. Replacement of the fuel hoses as defined in the bulletin.
EV97-031a 18. 5. 2015 The manufacturer of Rotax 914 F a Rotax 914 UL engines informs about a possibility of clutch slipping during the engine operation, which can lead to an undesirable increase of engine speed above the set limit.
EV97-030a SR Revision 1 3. 4. 2015 Revision 1 - Measurement of coolant temperature instead of cylinder head temperature on engines with the design change of the cylinder heads.
EV97-030a SR 12. 12. 2014 Measurement of coolant temperature instead of cylinder head temperature on engines with the design change of the cylinder heads.
EV-97 029b 3. 9. 2014 Increase of wind limits for takeoff and landing.
EV-97 028a SR 18. 6. 2014 Check of sufficient insertion of the wing flap drive pins into the flaps.
EV-97 027a SR 16. 6. 2014 Check the canopy lock type. Replacement of one-position lock (if installed).
EV-97 026a 10. 2. 2014 Abrasion of rivet heads on the fuselage by contact with the wing-fuselage covers.

Evektor original parts

Evektor Original Parts are identical with those used in the production of your aircraft. Evektor Original Parts are manufactured together with serially produced parts for aircraft production. They reflect the latest innovations and meet the stringent requirements of our test programs.

As a manufacturer of your aircraft we know best what parameters the parts must meet and what tests must be passed. Avoid installation of any unoriginal parts that may cause failure of parts or failure of the entire aircraft system.

Illustrated parts catalogue

For easy identification of spare parts download Ilustrated parts catalogue:

Dynon SkyView firmware update

Actual firmware version issued by TC holder

  • Evektor Version


  • to all SportStar RTC airplanes equipped with the glass cockpit Dynon SkyView

File to download

Procedure for updating

  • Download the SkyView Installation Guide at: (to update SkyView to FW 15.0.1 it is needed to download the installation manual)

  • Follow the instructions in the SkyView Installation Guide for SkyView

Reversion mode update

Some airplanes are set in the so-called REVERSION MODE to 50% PFD / 50% EMS indication (fixed arrangement of indicated data on the display at a malfunction of one of the displays).

The following update changes this indication to  40% PFD / 20% EMS / 40% GPS.


  • to the following SportStar RTC airplanes:
    S/N 20121504 (TC-OMU)
    S/N 20121505 (TC-OMA
    S/N 20141701 (F-HMAD)
    S/N 20141706 (F-HDLI)
    S/N 20141715 (F-HCFR)

File to download

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